Without exception flowers are the stunning finishing touch to all weddings. Beautiful flowers ensure the bride and groom remain the focal point throughout the day.

From the moment we deliver to your home, to when you walk down the aisle, say thank you to mums or dance the night away – flowers do it all, every step of the way.

From romantic fairytale or traditional to minimalist sleek or a quirky fun wedding we can match our flowers and arrangements to your imagination and dreams.

Oriana  and the team at Stems can create all your floral needs, our wealth of experience is your peace of mind, your wedding order is in the hands of an expert who will deliver on time, every time! At the initial consultation our team will discuss every aspect of your wedding and the flowers you choose to accompany your special day. Book a free appointment to talk to us about your wishes and we will plan your flowers right down to the very last detail! At Stems we take every aspect of wedding floristry into account, from the bridal bouquet and buttonholes to church arrangements and pew ends, reception flowers, hair decorations and flowers for the wedding cake, we can take care of everything based on your wedding theme and our flowers will be nothing less than perfect.

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